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Elizabeth's Art

Elizabeth creates paintings on canvas with acrylic paint. She likes to capture the light she sees around the clouds and the waves of the blue seas. She also enjoys painting winter scenes, sunsets, and flowers.

What drives her is the desire to create something beautiful that will make others relaxed and very happy when they see it!

With her loving heart and her determination, she has impacted so many on social media around the world. Elizabeth's art is part of who she is. She continues to inspire love and peace.

She is also an accomplished musician as a violinist and has performed many great songs as well as many special presentations.

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth Torres was born on January 5th, 1992 in West Palm Beach, Florida. At birth, she was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 and two weeks later with Congenital Heart Disease, followed by two years of intensive care. In 1994 she had her third open heart surgery and was given little chance of survival, but she made it through.

In November 2015 she had her fourth open heart surgery. A year later she had a pacemaker implantation, and in 2008 she was diagnosed with Celiac-Disease. Elizabeth has overcome incredible obstacles in her life. It takes a lot of strength and a no-fear attitude to go as far as she has come. She decided to become an artist at an early age and started taking painting lessons and music lessons. She has done public exhibitions of her paintings on social media. Her work includes landscapes, beautiful beaches, bright sunsets, winter snow scenes, and colorful flowers.

Meet the Team


Elizabeth Torres


Elizabeth is a courageous young lady that does not let anything get in her way when it comes to reaching for her goals as an artist. With her willpower, patience, and dedication, she has pressed on to fulfill her dreams. She knows that her dreams are worth fighting for. With optimism and a heart full of love, her joy is to make others very happy with her paintings and her violin music.


Daisy Torres


Daisy Torres is Elizabeth's mother and personal manager. Her mission is to support Elizabeth and be there to love and encourage her to fulfill her dreams. Daisy is a retired cosmetologist, video editor, and gospel singer. They have a powerful bond. Their love for the arts has uniquely united them.

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Elizabeth's artwork will captivate you and motivate you. Be sure to take a look at the gallery and if you like what you see, check out the store!